Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well, Here it Is!

This is my new blog to keep track of the things I like to do to escape my reality. Now, don't go thinking that I don't love my reality too, but I really like escaping it for a little while (or sometimes a long while) to read a book or watch a movie. I love to get so enthralled in a book that I stay up till 2am just to finish it, or my kids have to make their own dinner because I can't put the book down. I love to go see a movie and come away feeling "man, that was money well spent", or watch a movie over and over again and never get bored of it.

The purpose of this blog really is for me, but if you want to read it, by all means. This blog will:

  • keep track of books I read - maybe write a brief review of it, but I am no writer - see my sister Kim's blog "dead houseplants" for amazing book review

  • keep a list of books I want to read but haven't yet

  • keep a list of books I want to own (anybody looking for a gift idea for me - visit this list often)

  • track which movies I have seen recently and what I thought of them and who I went to see it with

  • keep a list of movies I want to own

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