Monday, May 21, 2012


One of my birthday purchases was the "I didn't even know it was coming out" sequel to Graceling and Fire by Kristen Cashore. I was so excited cause I really enjoyed those books. I read bitterblue this weekend and enjoyed it. It was slow to start, but then I got into it and spent the whole day reading today. It says that you don't have to have read Fire or Graceling to enjoy the book, but I would like to reread them both and then Bitterblue again and I think I will enjoy it even more.

I now have City of Lost Souls of which I am going to reread city of fallen angels first so that I enjoy it even more. Then I have divergent and insurgent to read.

Too much to read, too little time.

Netflix distracted me from reading

So I really got into watching a few tv series on Netflix. I watched the entire 6 seasons on 90210 (the original) and the I watched 5 seasons of Heartland. Really enjoyed heartland and can't wait for September when season 6 starts and I find out what Amy and Ty do. Lol.
But all this netflix watching caused a significant break in my reading. However...the $100 chapters gift card I got for my birthday has prompted a jump back into reading.... I bought several books off my wish list to own.