Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Day

I went to see One Day at the clova last night with Bree.  It was a very depressing movie yet I liked it.  I'm not normally an Anne Hathaway fan but I liked her in this movie. It basically follows the lives of a girl and a guy over 20 years and how they eventually got together. Jim Sturgess plays the guy.  It got pretty bad reviews but it wasn't your typical predictable romantic comedy. Well, it wasn't a romantic comedy.
On a side note, I've been doing a lot of running and working out lately - word of advice: work out before you go to a movie. I only had a few sips of pop - I wasnt interested in drinking pop. I guess that's an added bonus to regular work outs - I don't like drinking pop as often. My body craves water.

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